Writing a Resume for Industrial Staffing Positions

For some jobs, especially those in entry level positions, a resume isn’t typically required. In this instance, you should be ready to submit an entire application and an all-inclusive curriculum vitae. Automation Personnel Services shares important areas to concentrate on when developing your resume. Among the keys to success as a writer is to write with your target audience in mind. Writing a resume is absolutely no different, although your target audience is most likely limited to hiring managers and potential employers in your chosen area of expertise. Regardless, it is still crucial that your resume panders to the industrial staffing solutions you’re pursuing.
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Influencer Marketing Startup Mavrck Raises $5M

Mavrck, a startup that helps marketers recruit customers to create promotional content, has raised $5 million in Series A funding.

There are plenty of other companies working on influencer marketing, but Mavrck co-founder and CEO Lyle Stevens said they usually identify influencers without helping brands “activate” them, or they’re focused on how to “rent” influencers, regardless of whether or not they have any actual loyalty to a specific brand or product.
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